Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The "things" that define us

So here's the thing I realized yesterday, and today - I miss being around people that I TRUST, people who really KNOW me and who I trust. It is fun to get to know all these people, and it is an interesting study in human nature :) , but I miss the security of people that I trust.

But I also think that it is not bad to get out of my comfort zone. And let me tell you, lots of stuff here IS. The work is not that big of a deal anymore, and the French is getting better and better, but it is the whole "friends" thing that is throwing me for a loop a bit. It is interesting to try to figure out how to trust people and who to trust. I am a fairly trusting person, and I want to believe the best of everyone, but it is a bit weird when people do things that are EXACTLY against the rules of the community that is feeding them and putting a roof over their heads. I don't get it!

So there are things that are helping me get to know myself better, but also things where I think, "This is NOT me! How did I get into this, and how can I get out of it?!" It's kinda weird.

I feel very disconnected from everything that is familiar to me, and that is kind of scary. I guess I need to figure out who I am when the "things" I am used to - good friends, family, clean clothes ;) - are NOT around. I guess I never thought I would say that - we don't typically think of friends and family as "things," and I would like to think that I am secure enough in my self-image and all that to be okay, but I DO always say that relationships with people are very important to me. Too important, perhaps? I mean, REALLY, how much do we define ourselves by what we are around?

And here's the other thing. This is a very transcient society. We get new youth volunteers almost every day, and some go home every now and then. I have only been here for ONE WEEK, and already the group is REALLY different. And so we adapt. We move our clothes of the spare bed, and make room. And some of us become friends, and some of us don't. And life goes on, and you're only "the new one" for a day at most, and often only a few minutes.

I'm not sure what my conclusion is to all of this. I need to be MORE secure in who I am, that I think I have learned. And I have a CHOICE as to who I become. And THAT is AWESOME.


Janell said...

It sounds like there is no better way to figure yourself out than to put yourself in a situation that forces you to define yourself =)

I'd say we completely define ourselves by those who surround us. Am I an [ajective] person? Well, I'm [ajectiver]er than most people I know, so I guess [conclusion]. Or you may also use [person of trust] says that I am [adjective], so I must be. We also define what we want to be based on people around us. I'd like to be more [adjective] like [person of admiration].

You've come up with a great title for a speech, "I Have a Choice as to Who I Become, and that is Awesome." I bet you could even turn Awesome into an acroymn. . .

Congrats on no longer being the "new girl"! Just wait! In another week you'll be the "old person." My how quickly we age ;)

Fredrik said...

Yeah Margaret, I've been here since the beginning 15th of june so i have seen all the persons from the beginning until now.
Its kinda like I'm one of the veterans but since I'm only 18 it kinda feels like everyone think of me as a "new guy" most of the time.
Ow well I remeber when you came i thought to my self "ow an American girl" and so forth, checking you out etc, well now its lunchtime so gtg.

Good Luck with the whole adaption thingy, and also.. no wait ill just say that in person ;P