Sunday, October 28, 2007

I have the moves of an '80's back-up dancer

I saw these guys on Friday night. And, um, the drummer wore a full Imperial Storm Trooper suit. I kid you not.

And oh. My. Gosh. That was some SERIOUS good times. I mean, I haven't seen that many off-the-shoulder shirts with the tank top showing underneath, big (I mean BIG) hair, jelly bracelets, denim jackets with the sleeves cut off, skinny ties, or faux leather pants since it WAS the 80's!!

I went with an old friend and some new friends that I met that night, and um, now we HAVE to STAY friends because we danced and shrieked our heads off to the best of the 80's. Just imagine, all those 80's tunes that we love so much and could sing in our sleep because we've heard them so many times even tho the "so many times" we heard them was 20 years ago - imagine a band actually PLAYING them (!!) and then imagine a big ol' theater full of people dressed appropriately and singing along, and dancing like we did in the 80's.

And then as I was singing along to one song and one of the girls I was with was so impressed that I knew the words, I realized that I knew them because...well, the Jonas Brothers do that song on the Disney Channel. Yes, I watch WAY too much of the Disney Channel, but they shouldn't be recycling songs from my life time as "oldies" for these teen rockers to "revive!"

My new friends and I spent half the night checking out people's outfits and saying, "oh yeah! Remember the gloves with no fingers? and matching stylin' boots with your HUGE sweater / sweatshirt / jacket?!"

(And I know that fashions recycle, but mini-skirts with tights? and high wide belts? those are BACK, and they were from the 80's. Weird. I REMEMBER that, and it's recycling back. Awesome.)

And we spent the other half of the night copying the sweet moves of one of the back-up dancers. And man - we were GOOD at it! There was lots of running in place and bopping side to side, and the fingers pointing to the horizon... you know you used to dance like that too. But probably not as recently as me.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What? Nothing's been posted?!

I actually come here about every other day - maybe I'm hoping there's something new up? Like how we go back to the refrigerator again and again, even tho we KNOW that nobody put anything new in since we last looked.

So this isn't much of a revival, but I am back, and I have LOTS of posts half composed in my head, AND I've been tagged to do Kate's meme, AND I have pictures of this gorgeous state that I now live in that I need to post.

And please don't remind me that I still haven't posted pictures or stories from France this summer...

And I need to update my profile, since some of the things I put in there don't apply to me anymore, and am I going to keep doing the book list, since I haven't updated it since I don't even know when?

But I'm back. Hi, internets. :)