Thursday, October 25, 2007

What? Nothing's been posted?!

I actually come here about every other day - maybe I'm hoping there's something new up? Like how we go back to the refrigerator again and again, even tho we KNOW that nobody put anything new in since we last looked.

So this isn't much of a revival, but I am back, and I have LOTS of posts half composed in my head, AND I've been tagged to do Kate's meme, AND I have pictures of this gorgeous state that I now live in that I need to post.

And please don't remind me that I still haven't posted pictures or stories from France this summer...

And I need to update my profile, since some of the things I put in there don't apply to me anymore, and am I going to keep doing the book list, since I haven't updated it since I don't even know when?

But I'm back. Hi, internets. :)


Danielle said...


This is me not reminding you that you have yet to post pictures from France. lol.

I go to your Blog about three times a week thinking that MAYBE the planets are aligned and you are blogging again.

Well, my dear friend, I can't wait to "hear" what you've been up to in D.C./Virgina.

I'm glad we're on gchat -
Makes me feel like you're still around, and I can catch up with you several times a week. It's nice. It's comforting. And it makes me smile. :) (see?)

Love ya,

Danielle said...

PS: And I know that you're going to add my book to your list of favorite. Tee-hee. JK. :P

KATE said...

Marg, I'm so glad you're back! I love ya tons!!

Janell said...

Hey Margaret! It's nice to know you're still alive =)

I have a few blogging modes:
1) Go through the 80 half-posts I've already written. Add to the existing writing or delete them.
2) Create more half-posts.
3) Write something at 3 in the morning, post it, and then fix the grammar in the morning =)
4) Actually finish a half post and post it =)

So! I totally understand the "lots to write about, but nothing to say" holding pattern ^_^

Amy said...

I'll write your booklist... :) (apparently I need to start a blog so I can write about me in my OWN space.) I want a fatty update on the life of Margaret, though! Including, yes, your book taste. (I mean, there are limits to the "we share a personality" thing).

NoSurfGirl said...

argh. You guys are hard core. Half posts? Grammar mistakes? What's blogging for, anyway, except to write something off the top of one's head and not care about the apostrophes and ellipses?

Sorry. Feeling a little inadequate here.

Margaret said...

Yeah, NoSurf, I'm so hard core that I frequently go for a month without posting.

And when I say "half composed in my head," what I mean is that something funny happened, and I thought, "I should post about that," and then I come up with ONE good line for my blog about it. And that's pretty much as far as it goes, until I get so bugged that it's AGAIN been a month since I posted that I just write it up, off the top of my head, and then it's not as funny or insightful or clever as I would like, but at least it's POSTED.

Or I save up several good one-liners and then post them all together. Witness - my post on 11/4. :)