Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Location, location, location

I was there Monday:

He was there Tuesday*.

Doesn't that make me famous?

Or something?


*Click "gallery" in the bottom right corner of the picture, and then click to picture #17. It's the same podium, I swear.

Thanks for the picture, Jae! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Reason #1,900,889 that I completely adore my family

My aunt, my dad's sister, sent out the following email:
Because of an unfortunate event involving a demonstration of water safety to horses, my phone drowned. My new number is .... It's a Verizon cell with a two year sentence.

The horses did not snicker out loud.
My dad responded with:
I'm sorry, but you cannot leave the story like this.
I can picture you lending your cell phone to a horse who, texting while water skiing, ran into a wombat in a canoe being chased by a feral chicken. I can see the chicken, distracted, catching the cell phone dropped by the horse and, preferring a live cell phone to a wombat sharing a canoe with a horse, crossing the road and disappearing from human ken with your phone. But why would this cause your cell phone to drown?
I can also picture another, less likely, scenario, which ends up with your cell phone breathing its last (with a smile on its face) in a vat of molten (not moulted - that is a detail that goes with the other story) Ghirardelli chocolate.
Which of the two happened? And did you really mean drown, or did it just run off with some chick?
:) :)