Friday, September 10, 2010

Reason #1,900,889 that I completely adore my family

My aunt, my dad's sister, sent out the following email:
Because of an unfortunate event involving a demonstration of water safety to horses, my phone drowned. My new number is .... It's a Verizon cell with a two year sentence.

The horses did not snicker out loud.
My dad responded with:
I'm sorry, but you cannot leave the story like this.
I can picture you lending your cell phone to a horse who, texting while water skiing, ran into a wombat in a canoe being chased by a feral chicken. I can see the chicken, distracted, catching the cell phone dropped by the horse and, preferring a live cell phone to a wombat sharing a canoe with a horse, crossing the road and disappearing from human ken with your phone. But why would this cause your cell phone to drown?
I can also picture another, less likely, scenario, which ends up with your cell phone breathing its last (with a smile on its face) in a vat of molten (not moulted - that is a detail that goes with the other story) Ghirardelli chocolate.
Which of the two happened? And did you really mean drown, or did it just run off with some chick?
:) :)


Laura said...

Yeah, and then Dad called to ask ME what really happened with my cell...and then Liz emailed to ask me what my new number is.

I've shared a name with this aunt my WHOLE LIFE and all of a sudden people can't keep us straight :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!!! Marg, if I only knew your dad as the Stake President that he was for years, I would've never thought of him as coming up with a story like that..... but, knowing him better from being at your house tons, I can completely see him being this goofy!! Kinda sad, Laura, that your dad can't keep his daughter & his sister straight anymore!!! LOL!!

Elise said...

Your dad cracks me up. How are your parents? Say hi to them for me sometime.

Trent and Meg said...

That would be the reason why your sense of humor is so wonderful.... LOVE IT!!!