Wednesday, November 29, 2006

In which I contemplate the more serious and significant things in life

We also got our first snow the other day, which brought this question to mind, inspired, as you might imagine, by my current profession:
Who prays harder for snow days, students or teachers?
And also:
Have I officially and terminally ruined the area rug that my parents got me as part of a "new bedroom" Christmas present when I was a teenager in NY by leaving it thrown over the back fence for the last month, ever since I came home from trick-or-treating with my nieces and nephews on Halloween to find an inch of water on my bathroom floor and half the carpet in my bedroom, the half with said area rug covering it, totally submersed in water?


Katirocks said...

As far as the snow day question, as a student I would have said students. Now that I'm an adult, I'd probably go with the teacher!!

I have no advice for your area rug. Except of course to have a professional look at it. Sorry, I'm no good at that. I do have a carpet cleaner if you'd like to try that? Let me know.
I also just wanted to tell you that I'm on here now too!
You can also get there thru Kari's blog.
I love to read your stuff!!
Love ya

Anonymous said...

The teachers, but they won't admit it to the students =)

Your area rug lived a good life and its time has come to an end. Give it a proper burial and ask Santa for a new one =)

I'm happy to see you're still alive!