Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Let's revisit...

...this for a second. Just that part right after "Blog out" and before "Blog out, take 2." Oh, and this, too.

'Cause people, I'm freaking out here. I have worked approximately a million hours on the "last few details" of my thesis today, in prep for printing it out and giving it to my committee, and I haven't even STARTED the main task on it that I was going to do today.

And it's 11:37pm and I have to teach junior high tomorrow and so far have no lesson plans written.

And I HAVE to get up early enough to wash my hair tomorrow, because "3rd-day hair in a ponytail with bobby pins keeping any greasy strands from touching my face" is one thing, but 4th-day hair? I'm afraid to even THINK about it.

But all the stuff I DID do today needed to be done.

But there is sOOOOooOOoOoOOOOooo much more to do.

And I HAVE to have it done by Thursday. And I teach all day tomorrow. (Did I already say that?)

And I HATE that that post that I linked to was in MARCH. MARCH, people. That was EIGHT MONTHS ago. Or so. Whatever. And I'm STILL not done, and I have until Thursday.

I'm freaking out here.


Kari said...

No. She is in the one you are seeing. She is in all performances from now until Christmas Eve!!!!!!Thanks for supporting her.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, Margaret!!! Is there SOMETHING I can do? I wish I was fluent in French, and then I could substitute teach your class for you. As it is, if I went in now to sub, the students would be probably be saying stuff like "This lady is an idiot. All she does is talk about Temples, Skin Cancer, Johnny Depp, her friend Melissa, and how we should pray for Madame Merrill's thesis". And the entire time, I would just be thinking "Oh, wow! They speak such lovely French. I wonder what wonderful things they're saying about me?"

Seriously, though, I will be thinking about you ALL day today and tomorrow. Buenos Suerte!!!!! (That's Spanish, not French, in case you didn't know!) ;)