Friday, November 07, 2008


So it just occurred to me that perhaps the reason that I've had to hike up my favorite (only) blue jeans every two seconds during the last couple of weeks is that I've lost weight.

Yup. Just figured that out.

Well, they never said you had to be smart to be in grad school.

Oh, wait - they did?



Rebecca said...

I wish i had your problem here margaret... I am finding that all my favorite clothes are getting too small... and I realized that... in a second pregnancy you get bigger much sooner and much faster :( /pout.

Sharon said...

Well, it sounds like an enviable situation to me as well, though I have no growing baby as an excuse for tight clothing. I'm blaming the dryer! :)

KATE said...

Well, no baby tummy or dryer to blame it on I just blame all these stinkin oreos!

Well, it's a good thing to lose weight right? Except you were already stinny mini, so let me get this straight... incredibly smart, tall, skinny-er, of course beautiful. Are you sure we're related? I think you maybe drank WAY more than your share at the good gene pool!!!
~love you

The Nates said...

Hmmmm. I am pretty sure you don't have any extra weight to lose! Come visit me, I will make sure your pants start fitting again!

Love ya!


merrilykaroly said...

I also am a little envious of your problem. Okay a lot. I suppose I should get out and exercise and lose this baby weight....

And YOU should probably eat more junk food.