Monday, October 26, 2009

Quick summary of my week

Monday: research proposal application due to the IRB. This is so that data that I gather for a class project this semester can be used for conference presentations or publications.
Also Monday: Arabic essay due. Not written yet. eep. So obviously I'm using my time well by blogging instead of writing it. :P
Tuesday: Meeting in the evening with the finance committee of the student gov't. We will have to 'defend' our request for funding for the symposium that is slotted to be next April, but for which we don't have any funding yet. eep! This meeting REALLY needs to go well!
Thursday: Midterm for my Middle Eastern Studies class.
Also Thursday: Leave after my midterm for a conference in a neighboring state! Two of my colleagues and I are presenting some of our research there. :) :) Unfortunately, we aren't QUITE ready to present yet, tho we are getting closer, and there is a lot of work to fit in this week to get ready for that.
Friday: Arabic test, that I'll miss because I'm at the conference, but will have to take on Monday.
The weekend: Halloween, which is HUGE in the town where I live, AND Stake conference, at which we'll be getting a new stake presidency. I'll still be out of town. :(

Oh, and I almost forgot to add that I still have just the regular homework and reading to do - 3 chapters by Tuesday, 5 articles by Wednesday, and I don't even know what I have to read for Thursday!

Um, wish me luck?? :)


Janell said...

Good luck!

jeffinerkay said...

Luck Luck and more Luck!

Hope it all goes well!

Amy said...

Jia you!!

Carrie said... don't are MARGARET! Kill it!

Danielle said...

I thought that my week was busy!

Monday - down.

Tuesday - Physical therapy. Abstract for Grant proposal due to IRB. (I found out about it Monday evening.) Read three chapters for Wednesday. Write panel discussion proposal. Finish Jenny's birthday present. Work. Rehearsal. Work on Halloween dance for PreBallet girls.

Wednesday - Meet with advisers and project mentor. Work on choreography project materials. Start drafting another grant proposal. Teach PreBallet. Take preschoolers trick-or-treating on campus. Rehearsal. Ballet. Ballet observation.

And you get the idea...

So, as I'm stressing out and ready to implode, I'll be thinking about you and wishing you all the luck in the world!

Buenos suerte! Gambate! Good luck.

If anyone can do it, you can!

Love ya!

Jeremy said...

"Unfortunately, we aren't QUITE ready to present yet, tho we are getting closer, and there is a lot of work to fit in this week to get ready for that."

Get over it. Anyone who has their presentation done before leaving for a conference isn't busy enough.

I remember seeing R. Clifford working on his slides in the audience just before giving a keynote.

NoSurfGirl said...

ohmigosh, reading this I'm suddenly so the heck glad I'm not in school anymore. But usually, reading your posts, I'm insanely Jealous :) Academia is addictive... you miss it once you leave it. So enjoy... despite the stress.

Larissa said...

Geez Louise! And I thought I was busy!