Thursday, November 19, 2009

He was totally touching my homework papers with his shoe ON PURPOSE, even though he knew it was bugging me.

Me: Daniel. Seriously. Why are you taunting me?

Dan: Why are you tauntable?


Laura said...

This is an eerie reminder of days long ago...putting my toes under the edge of your carpet and watching you squirm.

Or touching your towel. Or your pillow.

Wow. I guess we know where the problem is.

(Hint, not me! No way.)

Danielle said...

Oh, the coquettish delights of dating.

Dr. Dan said...

wow laura...that story explains everything! :) thanks for the ammo ;)

Margaret said...

Yeah, thanks a lot, Laura. Like he needed more ammo... :P

Amy said...

Yeah, well, Laura, _I_ remember you putting your (yellow-calloused)feet near my FACE repeatedly when we were lying on the couch reading as kids. So IF the problem in this "homework-shoe" scenario IS with Margaret, could it be that someone implanted this aversion to feet in her mind...? With her yellow feet...?

I'm just sayin'.

Amy said...

Okay, except that actually I think it's my own feet that give me my aversion to feet. So maybe Laura is off the hook after all.

Laura said...

Amy's random rambling inventive reminiscing is hardly worthy of a response.

So I won't.