Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the Really, Really Yucky.

The good:
I got a 100% on my midterm for my Islam class. :) I told one of my classmates, who is also in my Arabic class, that it's been a while since I got 100% on anything, and he said, "What about in Arabic class?" Um, yeah. About that.

The bad:
I AGAIN fought with the phone tree system of a certain wireless company to try to tell them that I DON'T actually owe them $184.68 in early termination fees, since I canceled the contract in less than 30 days. And NOT ONLY do I not owe them that money, but the nice employee that I talked to the last time I fought with their phone system told me he had cleared the charges, so something is messed up, since I am STILL getting threatening letters about how they're going to send me to a collections agency if I don't pay up. AND!!! NOT ONLY should those charges have already been cleared by the last guy I talked to, but even getting to talk to a person is a royal pain!! They sent me THREE different customer service numbers, ALL of which required me to enter my 10-digit phone number to continue. When I entered it, the system said, "That is a not a valid number with our company" and kicked me out. I KNOW it's not a valid number! I'm no longer with your company! The letter that you sent me, WHICH TOLD ME TO CALL THIS NUMBER, acknowledged that I'm no longer with your company! And yet there is no number I can call to get through the system.


Obviously I eventually got through. I entered my phone number as 10 0's. Twice. :) And then I selected the menu option about activating a prepaid phone that I (supposedly) purchased at a store. THEN I got a human, who listened to me rant and then told me very nicely that she was with the prepaid department and would be happy to transfer me to the contracts dept. :) But hey - at least she didn't kick me entirely out of the system.

Anyway, moving on.

The Really, Really, Yucky:
It is confirmed that we have a mouse in our house. My roommate told me a few days ago that she suspected it, and I confirmed it. WITH MY OWN TWO EYES. That's right, I saw the nasty little bugger. It was eating one of my potatoes in the pantry. And yes, I jumped backwards and screamed like a girl, which, in fact, I am.

So now we get to put all our food in hard sided containers and set traps and maybe borrow Dan's cat and throw her in the pantry and shut the door and see what happens.

Good times, internets, good times.


Janell said...

Yay for 100%!

Boo for stupid wireless companies.

Death to mice.

There was a mouse who took up residency in my garage shortly before my wedding. I shrugged my shoulders and decided I'd move out and let it keep my garage :)

thecutestcouple (Crystal) said...

So I found a nest of baby mice this week... I totally feel for you (and yes, I did scream and jump like a girl as well.)

As far as the wireless company, if they bug you again threaten to contact the better business bureau about them. It usually works (I've never had to do it, but my mom has.)

Mrs. M said...

Congrats on the 100%!

Now a rodent tale: When Ethan was a sweet little 2 year old and Scott was a wee baby, as in a few days old, we had a RAT in our apartment. I had seen its droppings under my toddler's bed and then saw it run across the kitchen before I went to the hospital to deliver. I, too, screamed like a girl and jumped up on a chair. (I was surprised that I screamed like a girl, but it just came out of me.) After I came home with my sweet baby, my mom was sleeping in the living room, I was up for a 2 am feeding, and we heard a SNAP! It was the trap in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the rat was NOT DEAD and my heroic husband had to finish the job with a hammer and a plastic bag. I didn't look, but it sounded horrible. He cleaned everything up with bleach. I absolutely knew that he loved me at that point.

Rachel said...

Well, if you aren't going to keep the blogosphere updated on all your doings, at least you are keeping up on your school work. :)

We have mice also. So, now I know that a mouse can get through any gap you can shove a pencil through. I am NOT KIDDING. Get copper mesh. They can't chew through it. Also, as you get to the last of the generation, the mice get smarter. Our mice have managed to avoid all the glue traps and snap traps. Now they are smart enough to not run through the living room on their way to the crumbs behind the stove. Our complex is going to drill holes in our wall and stuff poison into it.

oh just ehu. said...

"and screamed like a girl, which, in fact, I am"

That is my favorite blog line today!

Amy said...

HA ha ha! Well done, screaming girl. On all three items.

Elise said...

So, did I tell you about the mice in the office where I worked? Great story. Highlights: property management company wouldn't take care of them because they were in the building, therefore, our responsibility; and, I emptied the mouse traps. And I didn't scream like a girl. All the other office ladies said, let the doctor do it, he's a guy. And I said to myself, I want to see if I have the guts. Which I did. It wasn't that bad, really. The doctor was glad I did it, because he didn't want to. Thank you, thank you, I am amazing.

Elise said...

(PS, not that screaming like a girl is bad. I already knew the mouse was there and dead, so no reason to scream, really)

Larissa said...

Ah, growing up to a cornfield provided too much complacency when it comes to mice. I saw one in the house, sighed, and went to find the nearest mouse trap. Then I made a mental note to return the next day to clear out the dead critter. One time a mouse did give me a run for my money by jumping on me from a curtain rod.