Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy finals to you, too.

It just got louder in the library (people JUST getting out of bed, or lunch time??) so I turned up the volume on my Pandora. Think it'll help?

Ugh ugh ugh ugh

Current status:
--> Arabic final in 23 hrs--not ready
--> 4 pg essay due in 27 hrs--at 3 pgs, but too many more sections to write, will need to trim a lot
--> 10 pg paper due in 27 hrs--umm...have sources, and outline...
--> 7 pg paper due in 3 days--eep. Maybe have topic? maybe a few sources?
--> Blog--updated. At least I have my priorities in the right place. :P

send help

P.S. One possible reason that my status is as stated above.
P.P.S. The aforementioned reason has to do with the CONTENT of the comic, not the fact that I am reading the archives of an online comic while my finals are in such a sorry state...
P.P.P.S. send help


Amy said...

Um, that comic was from 2003. I'm worried! ;)

You can do it! Lots of prayer, lots of deep breaths - panic only helps in situations where the timeline to complete a necessary action is less than two seconds. (shooting a gun, avoiding a bullet.) You are not within that timeline. :) Keep pluggin'!


Margaret said...

So, um, then why does surviving finals always FEEL like I've dodged a bullet?!


Amy said...

Ha ha :) that's true, isn't it...


My thing-that-I'm-looking-forward-to-to-make-the-end-of-the-semester-worthwhile is going up to see Laura et al. Wish I'd be seeing you too. :( Love you!