Monday, June 14, 2010


Haircut: check
Returned stack of library books: check
Arranged ride to the airport: check
Got new calling in the YW presidency: check
Wrote last check to pay off bed: check (pun not intended, but still oh-so-clevah)
Packing for 7-week vacation that starts tomorrow: no way, Jose.
Packing so that I can move out of my apt the second I get back here in August: ugh. I still have to do my bathroom, bedding, and all the "little things" that get left to the end, which then take 3 boxes and 14 hours to pack. :P But my aforementioned ride to the airport gets here in 12 hrs, so I can't take longer than that. ;)

Happy summer, everyone!


Danielle said...

Marg, I got your message via email. I have been meaning to write you a thoughtful reply back, but somethings happened this past week that have been well, um "interesting" and, needless to say, I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU! I WILL email you back.

Until then, thank you both for the kind words and for the personal update. I think you're absolutely fanfreakingtastic in every way. I'm so glad we're friends.

Have fun in SD, and give Amy hugs for me. And CONGRATS on the new calling - those girls will love you!

Cyber hugs and high-fives to you, always! Have a lovely vacation. (I'm so not jealous at all. ;))

merrilykaroly said...

From the above comment, I'm assuming your vacation isn't to Utah. Darn.

Danielle said...

In a serious need of a Margaret update!!!!!!!!!!!