Wednesday, January 19, 2011

shots from today

One of the labbies at work was getting to know a fancy camera today, and thus we have preserved this:

...shirt I bought in Abu Dhabi when our luggage didn't arrive and I didn't want to wear my "I've been wearing this for 24 hrs of traveling" clothes to meetings at the university, new haircut that I am LOVING, aaaaaannnnnddd...dumb expression. Terrif.

And this:

...action shot of me and the pizza. ?!?

For the love.


Jeremy said...

I'm waiting from a prelims update.

Christine Merrill said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha :)

Amy said...

I have a friend (friend's friend? Okay, I saw this on facebook) who gets offended when people say "your camera takes great pictures" because she's like, "I spent the last eight months learning how to use this thing well. III take the great pictures, thank you."

Well, your friend's camera takes terrible pictures.