Monday, February 06, 2012

Wisdom from a 3-year-old

Most of the times, over the last few years, when I have been unhappy or upset, it has usually been as a result of feeling hurt. Tonight, feeling a bit unhappy when I got home, I realized that I WASN'T feeling hurt, just sad. And somehow, as funny as it sounds, even to me, that was a welcome change.

And I was glancing over the bulletin boards in my room, rereading sweet and loving and funny notes that I have gotten from loved ones, and which I hang up in my room for just such times as this, and I read this one from my little niece Casey, big sister to the world's most adorable twin babies. Sometime last year she dictated the following to her mother, and sent it to me, embellished with butterfly stickers and a butterfly drawing:

Dear Aunt Margaret,
I love you. What's wrong? Thank you for that postcard you gave me.
I like to watch movies. My favorite movie is Clifford.
I  love to play games. I love to run. I love to go outside. I love to play dress-up.

And then this jewel:

Last night I went on a hike with Mommy. I was scared. Next time, when we go on a hike together, don't be scared. Everybody on the hike - me, you, daddy, the babies, me! Okay?
I love you!

And I'm struggling to describe how those last few lines touch me, and have touched me pretty much every time I have read them. Somehow, encouragement not to be scared, to take EVERYBODY on the hike, to let HER experience help me with my fears, and the little "Okay?" at the end...I have no words.

So tonight I say to her, "Okay, Casey! Let's go on a hike, and we can all go, you, me, daddy, the babies, you (can we bring your mommy, too? I like her), and we won't be scared. Okay? OKAY!" :)

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Christi said...

Tell Casey that helped me today, too. Thank you Casey!