Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No, this is post is NOT the sum total of all my research on this topic.

So as part of my transition away from my job and back to my, ahem, natural state, which seems to be student life, you know, that period of time, which is temporary for most people, during which you have homework and no money, I have to get a new phone. Since November I've had a Treo, which, while it's really fun for that whole "I can check my work email from my bed" and "I can find the address of a restaurant from my car" thing, is kind of big and clunky and fake pretentious. ("Fake" pretentious instead of "real" pretentious because honestly, it's not that great.)

So - any recommendations? One of my former coworkers, who left the company a few months ago, got a pink flip phone when she left and had to turn in her Treo. She called it the "Anti-Treo," because it was as different from a Treo as anything she could find. :)

I'm thinking about the LG Chocolate - in baby blue. :) Mostly because I can get it from free with a 2-yr activation plan with Verizon, which is the service I currently have.

And since I'm heading back into that afore-mentioned state of having no money, a phone that costs free dollars sounds pretty good to me.

But I would love to hear your recommendations...or where I could go for good info (I've been to Or, you know, your rants on cell phones in general. :)


Danielle said...

"a phone that costs free dollars" -


Wish I had a recommendation for you, but I have the cheapest phone I could get (in the color I wanted) from T-Mobile. I hear the Razor and the iPhone are awesome, but I know they cost more than "free dollars". ;)

Jeremy said...

"that afore-mentioned state of having no money"

I thought you were moving to Wisconsin.

The Thomas Five said...

Hey :)

I love my Motorola KRZR. It is small and I believe, depending on your provider that it is now free or very cheap with a contract. I paid $75 for it at walmart a year ago.

Brooke said...

We have a Chocolate. I love the versatility of this phone. It's the only digital camera we have and I think it takes pretty good pictures. Also, I can listen to music, use it as an alarm clock, and a whole slew of useful gizmos. The one thing I don't like is the touch screen. It doesn't usually bother me unless I'm checking my messages for some reason, and then my cheek always taps buttons. I would still recommend the phone.