Wednesday, April 29, 2009

just some stuff

Yesterday I got new license plates for my car for the state in which I currently reside, replacing the ones I got when I purchased the car nine years ago this month. So I guess I really live here now. :)

I also got a new driver's license for this state. Actually, I didn't get it - it will be mailed to me in the next 7-10 business days, but I did get a piece of paper that I can show to a cop in place of an actual license if I get pulled over. All of which means that when I tried to check out a computer from the library on campus today and they asked for 2 forms of photo ID, I only had one. Dang.

That particular transition - to a DL from a new state - would have been hard for me, nostalgic packrat that I am (I was REALLY sad to give up my first DL from the state in which I grew up), except for the fact that my current license was from the state in which I only lived for 11 months. I found out when I moved there, having just driven across the entire country, that my license had expired SIX MONTHS PREVIOUSLY. So then getting a new license was a source of considerable panic instead of nostalgia. So it wasn't too hard to give that one up, although it was a bit odd to see the guy just staple right through it.

Today I got back a paper that my group and I handed in on Monday. Never mind that it was probably 6 weeks late, and that last week the prof said he really wanted it THAT WEEK. OK, well it was only kind of that late - the deadline was really squishy. But it was late. But the point is that as I parted from a classmate on Monday so that I could go hammer on the paper to turn it in, she commiserated with me about what a hard grader this prof is, so I was kind of despairing about getting a good grade, since I didn't think my part of the paper was that good, and since it was so late.

Internets - we got an A+. :) :) The prof wrote: "This is a terrific piece of work - well worth waiting for." Nice! :)

And at Institute tonight I talked to one of my friends, and it looks like she's graduating next summer (instead of December), so we might be roommates next year! That would be so great!

Just wanted to share. :)


Camie said...

You are so awesome and amazing! And I miss you!

Jeremy said...

As a professor, I should tell you this: He/She probably did even read the paper. It's the end of the semester, the paper was of appropriate length, had a good number of references... A+.

Also, what is it with you and letting important forms of ID expire. Remember when I jokingly asked if you had a current passport the week before you were supposed to go to France? Good times.

Mrs. M said...

Congrats on your paper! Hey, where are you anyway? I get it - you're being safe here, but send me an email (Amy and Chris have it if you don't). My bro is moving to Madison and I want to know if you're anywhere near.

Amy said...

Woot! Way to go! :)

Amy said...

Plus I'm sure he read it. (Read: delusional, and want to think profs REALLY mean everything they write on our papers. And that good comments are actually referencing the quality of our lives as well as our work.)