Thursday, April 15, 2010

I can hardly believe it.

I had the following conversation via gChat yesterday, with my symposium co-organizer...

me: we still need to figure out printing nametags, and get copies of the half sheet about the identity panel
Carolina: do you know how all these happened?
the symposium I mean
me: how all what happened?
Carolina: the event
me: do I know how the symposium happened?
Carolina: did we really do this?
me: lol
2:34 PM Carolina: anyway, we'll figure out the name tags
me: yeah I kinda can't believe its all come together :)

And seriously, I kinda can't believe it. All the panic, all the work, all the embarrassment for not having started working on it earlier, the grant proposals, the pleadings for help, the emails drafted a million times before sending, the coordination with committee chairs, the GRATITUDE when people took assignments and ran with them, going over the budget, going over the budget AGAIN, ordering supplies, publicity, registration,'s all almost over. The symposium is tomorrow. Tomorrow and Saturday. We have a location, we have people coming to speak, we have people coming to listen, and we have food. Sounds like it's gonna be just fine. :)


Mrs. M said...

PLUS, it will look great on your CV! Don't wait til you're applying for jobs to work on that baby. We spent a solid 12 hour block yesterday putting Mr. M's together. Oh yes, into the wee hours of the morning. Yawn. Hope everything goes swimmingly!

Laura said...

I am SOOO glad to hear it is coming together! Wahoo!!

Amy said...

Mom said you said it went REALLY well. Ra ra ra!!!