Thursday, April 29, 2010

Retail therapy??

After discussing some other topics in a gChat convo with Jeremy:

me: have i mentioned that dan and i broke up?
a month ago
Jeremy: no way
do I need to get my gun?
5:09 PM me: and then we had the grad student symposium that I was co-in charge of. i've been so swamped but its catching up to me and I'm REALLY frightened for the THREE papers i have to do in the next 15 days.
no. it was mutual. we both got the same answer. but it still sucks.
we were best friends for more than a year and dated for 6 months of that.
5:10 PM Jeremy: ok, but I could still get my gun
me: so it's just weird.
Jeremy: what, my gun?
me: do you HAVE a gun?
Jeremy: not yet, so I need an excuse to get one
me: oh
then by all means.
Jeremy: cool.
I can't wait to tell brooke
me: lol
Jeremy: about the gun, not your breakup
me: right :)

You've got the right idea, Jer. Shopping does make everything better. ;)

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Amy said...

Excellent use of the word (*ahem* "word") "convo", too. ;)

Shopping is sooo nice though... just makes you feel fresh and new. And broke.