Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Post-prelim letdown?

I don't know if it's just that finding out my prelim results ended up being anti-climactic after all, or if I spent too much time with my eReader that first week and it rotted my brain, or if my trips out of town the last two weekends have just thrown me out of my groove, or maybe it's that I need to eat something besides cold cereal and burritos, or the fact that we haven't seen the sun for a while, but it's been several weeks since I felt good, physically or emotionally, and I haven't felt this low for this long for a really long time, and I'm tired of it, but also too tired to have the wherewithal to do anything about it. And I feel really pathetic even posting this, but there you go, that's my life right now.


Janell said...

It's definitely time to sit on a heater vent in a sunny spot and think non-PhD thoughts.

Erin @ Curled Up With A Good Book said...

Sounds like you need some silly relief. You know my brother, his wife, and their adorable children are not that far from you, right?

Chad and Barbi's family said...

This is because you have spent too much time away from our house. Sydnee has been looking for you every Sunday! I think you need one of her hugs! :)

Trent and Meg said... are super fabulous. Just want you to know that. The clouds will clear soon (hopefully sooner then you think!). Until then, find a good book, some yummy snacks, and make sure to your journal (thoughts in the head might be harder to interpret if just left to stay there). HUGS!!