Saturday, October 22, 2011

You know that thing it says on the side of the box of nasal decongestants about how you shouldn't take more than 6 doses within 24 hours?

Well, they'd better mean it.

Because if they DON'T mean it, and I've been sitting here all stuffed up, even WITH the approved dosage, and I could have been taking MORE decongestants...

I'm gonna be ticked.

The end.


On a happier note, today at a garage sale I found the perfect night stand, just what I've been looking for. And it was $3. Woohoo!


Janell said...

Three dollars! Who-hoo!

From personal experience I can tell you to, well, not accidentally (or otherwise) take expired cold medicine. It made me really loopy.

Good luck. Curl up in bed, get lots of rest, and admire your awesome find!

Margaret said...

Oh dude. I didn't even THINK about expiration dates...

Crystal said...

I can't tell you about decongestants... but I can tell you about antacids! I know that if you take more tums than is suggested in the 24 hours period it doesn't do anything more to help... or so the OB told me when I was having crazy heartburn with Eric. That's how I ended up taking tums AND Mylanta (and eventually those plus Zantac...)!

Try using a nasal spray (that doesn't have a decongestant in it, it may help!)

I love great deals - $3 - I'm so jealous ;).