Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The only "fun" thing about "fun size" candy bars

...is that I feel less guilty eating more than one of them than I would if they were full-sized. And eating more candy is more "fun," right?

Happy day-after-Halloween, friends. :)


Larissa said...

Ha ha - I guess that part IS fun. This was my take:

merrilykaroly said...

Hey good point!!! It all makes sense now!

Putz said...

yea for candy bars, i am a diabetic in denial, and halloween is the only time except christmas fudge that i can get into sneaking candy from grands, neighbors and my wife's secret stash that she hides from me<><>oh oh oh iam nsg's favorite old man that she puts up with that is no relation to her at all, but i thin she likes me