Thursday, December 13, 2007

This is SO overdue!

It's a good thing that the person who tagged me is related to me, otherwise, we might not be friends anymore since it took me so long to do this.

OK, here goes - 7 random things about me. Eek.
  1. My most recently acquired superpower is the ability to make technology malfunction in such a way that otherwise intelligent computer-savvy people can't make it work. Seriously! The CD drive on my work computer stopped working, and we couldn't figure out how to make it work (and whatever you are about to comment and suggest, we tried it. Really.) - so they finally gave me an entirely different computer! Aaaannnnnnddddd - my second day on that (this) computer, my Outlook, which I used constantly for work, stopped working. The IT guy had to uninstall and reinstall ALL OF MICROSOFT OFFICE to get it to work again. (If you feel the need to use this as an opportunity to bash Microsoft, then you related to Jeremy.) And while I am not opposed to superpowers in general, or to randomly acquiring new ones, this new superpower is almost definitely not a good thing, since I'm supposed to help one of my former professors do a technology-based presentation this weekend on using technology to teach about language and culture. Good timing, Superpower Distribution Committee.
  2. I have been known to run the same load of clothes through the dryer multiple times. Over a several day period. Even if they were dry after the first time. Maybe you already know this trick, but if not, listen closely, my little Padowans. See, if you get your clothes out of the dryer when they are still warm, then you don't have to iron them. And I, uh, don't iron. But for this trick to work, you DO actually have to get the clothes out when they are still warm. Which means you have be present, and ready to hang clothes, when the dryer finishes. And sometimes I don't FEEL like hanging the clothes when the dryer finishes. Or I don't hear it end, and then I get there and the clothes are cold and wrinkled again. So I pull out the non-wrinkled or the "I don't care if they are wrinkled" items (you know who you are) out one at a time as needed until someone else needs the dryer, or until I need an item that I don't want pre-wrinkled. And that sometimes takes a while. But it's still a good trick.
  3. I am fanatical about recharging batteries, and about keeping things with batteries at a full charge. Yup.
  4. There are a few people who can make me laugh so hard that the part of my head right behind my ears hurts. This sister is one of those people.
  5. I take notes. Constantly. I have boxes full of notebooks full of notes that I have taken - in classes, in church meetings, during scripture study. I seldom refer back to them, but if I ever need to - Oh, baby, I've got 'em.
  6. I read like a maniac, sometimes a book a day, and I love reading until I fall asleep and drop the book off the edge of my bed. I feel like the size, shape, weight, and feel of a book are part of the reading experience. There are at least two books that I read for the first time mostly because of how the book was made and how it felt in my hand. I did end up liking the stories, too. :)
  7. My mom and I share a disease - an affinity for blank notebooks and cool pens. I think I have more notebooks and she has more pens. The problem is - I buy a new cool blank book or notebook, and then I can't think of anything worthy to be written in such a neat (usually little) book. So, I, uh, still have lots of blank books. They are in boxes right next to all the not-as-cool notebooks that I actually used to take all those notes (see #5). There probably is not a moral to this story.
And I'm tagging - Janell, Danielle, NoSurf, Nantie Meg, Josh, Adele, and Kathleen.

Oh, and this? Pretty much describes my life. (Thanks, Allie.) And it explains really well either why I will, or why I will NOT, get around to telling the people listed above that they have been tagged.


Danielle said...

Well, it's high time you posted a new entry on your blog. It's been aeons, girl! ;)

BTW, I so do the same thing with my laundry. lol.

KATE said...

Okay I so love your list! You picked GREAT things to list! Rock on! I'm the same about laundry. I'm actually fanatical about a lot of things. Laundry just happens to be one of them.
& your procrastination you tube was FABULOUS! So so so me! I usually call it Mommy ADD! I could so see me being "Office ADD" too!!

Janell said...

That was fun.

NoSurfGirl said...

That is SUCH a good idea... removing laundry stuff when it is warm. SUCH a good idea, but soooo hard to be in the right place at the right time when it's required. I wonder... could you just put ironables back in the dryer for, like, 5 minutes, then take them out again and have them be non-wrinkled? Am I just engaging in wishful thinking? I also do NOT iron, not even Skywalker's white shirts. :)

Amy said...

Heh heh heh. you're a good writer. Cause you sound just like you... when you write... Also, you totally crack me up!! And I need to share a poem with you. It's called "Reading Myself to Sleep," and it's by Billy Collins. I think he understands how you feel. :) (I do, too... I just don't do it as often as I used to. Perhaps lately I've been too infrequently Under the Influence of Margaret.)

N.F. said...

One thing I want to improve on is my note-taking skills...

Josh said...

I thought tag was played in person... Not sure how I feeling about giving into cyber-tag. Maybe I should write a blog post about it... maybe I should just write another blog post. Hmmm..