Friday, January 11, 2008

Living vicariously

It's bad enough when we try to do fun stuff vicariously through roommates, friends, family, coworkers, tv actors, celebs, the garbage man... But it reached a new low yesterday, people.
My curling iron is going to Hawaii for a week.
This is not a joke. Oh wait, it IS a joke - a REALLY BAD one. WAY worse, despite what some of you say, than a pun, which you know I love and consider a very high form of humor.

Uh, I've never been to Hawaii. That's one of those things that I always think, and frequently say, when people mention Hawaii. For example, witness the ACTUAL conversation that took place between me and one of my roommates when I found out a few months ago that the big conference she plans every year is in Hawaii and that she gets to go for a week:

Me: You get to go to HAWAII for work?! That's so cool! I've never been to Hawaii. [sighs deeply]
Her: Well, it's not like I'll get to see that much, I'll be working the whole time.
Me: But you'll be working IN HAWAII! I've never been to Hawaii.
[sighs deeply]
Her: But I won't get to tour, or go to any of the other islands. I'll be in the conference center all day.
Me: But the conference center is IN HAWAII! I've never been to Hawaii.
[sighs deeply]
Her: But I'll be physically chained to my desk, which is not within view of any windows, with rottweilers guarding the doors so that even if I could saw through the chains with the metal file I'll have sewn into the hem of my Hawaiian shirt, I couldn't get outside to see anything.
Me: But the rottweilers are IN HAWAII! I've never been to Hawaii.
[sighs deeply]

You get the idea. And I really would love to go there someday. I mean, other dreams have come true, why not that one??

And all that stuff about "But I'm not really going to get to ENJOY Hawaii, or really SEE too much - I'll be working the whole time, and my boss won't let me stay an extra day or two for fun..." Yeah, blah, blah, BLAH! I know about doing conferences in cool places, people. I mean, I went to Amman, Jordan, a couple of years ago for a conference. And yes, I was in the conference center all day, and yes, I was really busy, and yes, I didn't get to see as much of Amman as I would have if I had been a tourist, but good grief - I was IN JORDAN! And the two or three, or was it four?, nights during those two weeks when I went out on the town, and the one day that they took all the conference staff and attendees to Jerash and the Dead Sea, those were enough of a taste that I definitely claim to have been to Jordan.

So, please, spare me the qualifiers. It's in Hawaii.

And she asked to borrow my curling iron for the week, so it'll be there, too. And it'll see even less cool stuff than she will. I mean, it'll be stuck in the bathroom in her hotel room the whole time! So I just have one request - would you take it with you when you go running on the beach that first night that you get there? Maybe I'll be able to smell the sea and feel the breeze the next time I use it.

I've never been to Hawaii.
[sighs deeply]


Janell said...

As someone who has been to a conference IN HAWAII [feels bad that Margaret has been denied such a trip] I will testify that even if you're in a Conference center from 8am to 8pm you still make the most of the time between 8pm and 11pm :)

Janell said...

PS. Maybe she'll keep the curling iron on the balcony so it can enjoy the ocean breezes?

Danielle said...

LOL! I love it.

I suppose this would be a bad time to tell you that I lived IN HAWAII for six months.

With that, I don't know how anyone accomplishes anything work-related while hosting a conference in Hawaii. When I lived there, the most work I did was on my surfing skills and getting the local boys swoon over me. (I was 16, a haole; therefore, an immature novelty.)

Anyway, I hope the Hawaiian air seeps into the metal of your curling iron and lingers with you forever. lol.

KATE said...

Oh sweetie! Sucks to be you! I just got back from Maui! Sorry that was a TOTAL rub in, huh? You HAVE to go, you have to! It's beautiful & I feel everyone should go! GO girl, & let me know, maybe I'll tag along. hee hee (notice how I just invited myself)
Love ya! - Kate

Amy said...

Do you think your curling iron will need a suitcase? If your roommate won't, surely your own curling iron would sneak you onto its flight...

So when you and Kate go, can I come? (I can bring peewee along... c'mon...)