Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I USED to work with foreign languages.

And now I work in a computer field that I know very little about, and sometimes ... it's not that different. Today, for example, one of our engineers sent out a question to a distribution list that I am on, so I saw the question and the responses, one of which ended with this:
Always a bummer to have 4gig DAEs and spindles running at 2gig.
Yeah, I really hate it when that happens.


Danielle said...

Lol. For a second there, I thought I was reading a blog entry written by Janell. ;)

You should write about your 64 minute, 21 second long telephone conversation.

KATE said...

Wow, I hate it when that happens to!

Amy said...

AWESOME. :) I used to work with a bunch of computer engineers, and I totally identify... this one guy was always my hero to get me out of jams (mmm... jam...) and he'd explain what he was doing to me, very patiently, as if it meant anything to me at all. He'd say "does that make sense?" and I would laugh. Good times. :)