Friday, January 25, 2008

Does throat spray bounce on ice, like blood does? What if it's RED throat spray?

So my friend C emailed about going to dinner and ice skating with a group tonight. I responded that I woke up with a sore throat but was carrying throat spray around with me all day in hopes that it would get better, and would love to go to dinner even if I didn't ice skate.

To which C responded with:
I like to see you being a trooper and taking one for the "I don't care if I infect everyone" team.
Yup, that's me - I am SUCH a team player.


Danielle said...

One of my old pageant girlfriends whom I haven't seen in years called me up to say a bunch of people were getting together to watch Miss America, and that I should come.

I told her that I could barely walk due to an ankle injury and that I hadn't left the house all day. I should have just taken a bottle of Mortin with me and followed your example... by being team player.

Anyway... This is a CLASSIC blog post title. Love it. LOL. Hope you had fun at dinner.

KATE said...

I hope you went & had tons of fun!

KATE said...

So are you still infecting people, or are you feeling better? & did you find out if the throat spray does in fact bounce? tell tell!

NoSurfGirl said...

does blood bounce?

huh. learn something new every day.

Make sure you kiss lots of people.

Larissa said...

HEYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! It is my NYC buddy!!!! Now you can read my blog tooooo I'm excited to read what you write about nyc!