Thursday, May 15, 2008

But officer, I was trying REALLY HARD to be legal!

Car registration fee: $89

Postage to overnight the "I live out of your state but still want my car registered there because I am only a temporary resident of the state where I now live" paperwork to state of previous residence, including a prepaid overnight envelope so they could overnight the sticker back to me, since I didn't mail this until 2 days after my registration expired: $32.50

Postage to AGAIN overnight the aforementioned paperwork, including ANOTHER prepaid overnight envelope, after the whole stack was returned to me, in my prepaid overnight envelope, with a little note that said, "We don't accept counter checks - your name and address must be printed on the check," even though they had my phone number TWICE in the paperwork and could have CALLED to tell me that: ANOTHER $32.50

Peace of mind that I can FINALLY drive past a cop , or stay in the lane where the cop is right behind me, without worrying that I'm going to get pulled over and have to tell this whole dumb story and rely on the mercy of a total stranger: Priceless


The Nates said...

you are hillarious! I am glad you got it all worked out!


KATE said...

Yes, priceless...