Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weight-loss tips from Allie

So at the end of the six-week Biggest Loser competition, she wrote:
I think our scale is broken...because it only works right if I hold onto the desk, stand on one foot and lean hard to the right. Which is really weird, because when the competition started, it only worked right if I stood really still holding a watermelon. So weird.
So how does that translate into being able to fit back into those, ahem, "out-grown" clothes??

Really, Allie.


Allison said...

Who said anything about old clothes? I'm just trying to win some serious money here!

Besides, if I started wearing all my outgrown clothes, I'd have no excuse to buy new clothes. You know, to celebrate all the weight I lost! Come on, work with me here.

KATE said...

No way, I think I have the SAME scale!!

Danielle said...

That totally sounds like my scale.

Speaking of weight loss, I've lost 24 pounds since January 1st. Since the car accident a month ago, my weight loss has plateaued, though. (Bummer). Good news is, however, that I'm not gaining it back! (Thank goodness or Ballet!)

The jeans Jenny got me for my birthday in March are already loose. Nice. I still have 45 more pounds to lose though, in order to reach my goal.

Heather said...

Oh darn. I"m hoping that those weight loss tips will work for me! :)