Friday, June 20, 2008

I may have to cancel my move.

I JUST found out that one of my very favorite bands, Great Big Sea, is playing at Wolf Trap on 22 August.

That's the week AFTER I'm moving out of the state. why WHY WHY?!?!

AND they are playing with Eddie from Ohio, who I would also LOVE to see in concert.


I really don't know how to convey how heartbroken I am about this. GBS has kept me sane on MANY a 40-minute commute, and several of their songs have consoled me to the point of tears of relief and release when I have been stressing out and worried about things. (That sounds a little weird, even to me, and I'm the one who lived it and wrote it...) Even my very hip brother-in-law enjoyed their music on my mp3 player, and for a geek like me, that's a BIG DEAL! ;) And you would think that listening to the same songs day after day for weeks at a time would get old, but it hasn't happened yet! I sometimes vary the soundtrack on my commute for fear that I'll get sick of GBS, but I usually last only one or two commutes on a different group before I'm back. They have been the soundtrack of my life since about October of last year, and now I'm going to miss their concert. :( :( :(

I think I'll go see this in Chicago with her and her and Elise to console myself.

And maybe I'll go see this at Wolf Trap tonight so that at least I can be in the same place where Great Big Sea will be on 22 August...


Danielle said...

OH! That is a BUMMER! If I found out that I had to miss my concert (which is coming up in four months and 28 days), I'd be SAD!

Could you not take a train or a greyhound for the weekend to see the concert?

BTW, it's definitely NOT weird to be compelled to tears upon hearing a song(s). Seriously, there are few CU songs (and a couple of other ones, too) that have been the soundtrack for my life the past year. Funny how listening to something a million times can still feel like the first time. (Oh no, that last line actually made me think of a song - not a song I've been listening to, but a song nevertheless. Suddenly, I have Chicago playing in my head "feels like the first time". Ack! I like Chicago - the city and band, but.... okay, time to put CU back on!)

I'm so majorly bummed out for you, girl. I wish I could come cheer you up!

NoSurfGirl said...

dude... where are you moving to? You're so hard to keep track of!

The Thomas Five said...

Hmm... never heard of them, but now I'm looking around on youtube to see hear what they are about. Do you have a favorite song?

I love music. I have felt so much through music. It's not silly at all to be completely transformed over one song. Just the other day I was having a hard day and I took a drive to the temple and listened to music on my way. It's incredible how music can bring out so many different emotions. Without music, I'm not sure who or where I would be.

The day one can listen to a song and not feel a thing- is a day i never want to see. I'm grateful for music.