Monday, June 16, 2008

Some people can't just TELL you their big news.

No, they have to IM you as follows:

Jeremy: have you seen my new blog theme?
um, not since last week.
10:00 AM did you get it back up and working again?
Jeremy: i haven't restored the old stuff
but I create a new summer-time look
me: ok, i'm checking right now
Jeremy: what do you think?
10:01 AM Brooke doesn't like it
10:03 AM me: um, is this a subtle way to make me find out that BROOKE IS PREGNANT WITH TWINS?!??!?!!
:) :) :)
Jeremy: what do you think about the theme?

Nice, Jer, nice.

And he pulled the same stunt on Alan, but Alan isn't obsessive about being up-to-date on everyone's posts, so after he responded that he didn't like the theme, Jeremy actually had to prod him...

Alan: Then he said, well did you read the first post.
me: ah HA!
Alan: and I said, sure...started reading.. got bored, said I'll finish it later.
me: lol
Alan: He said no, keep reading.
Alan: So I skimmed to the bottom.
me: no shame.
Alan: Sure enough ultrasounds, and I thought it was a joke.
You know, Jeremy.

Congrats, guys! Just think - in 7 months you'll have twice as many kids as you do now!! Hee hee! :)

P.S. OOooh, he didn't like this post. :P Next time - just tell me your news!!


Sharon said...

You just gotta love these guys! :) I love that you shared the conversations. :)

Brooke said...

Thanks Margaret!!