Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Comment from 20-yr-old friend A after I mentioned that I did the study abroad in Jerusalem in 1996

"You've been intelligent so much longer than I have. I was still coloring outside the lines [in 1996]."


KATE said...

And... How did that make you feel?:)

thecutestcouple (Crystal) said...

I started HS in 96! The same year my oldest sister graduated... ah good times.

Jeremy said...

Dern whippersnappers... My class was parsing the correlation between DOB and age (-1.0, BTW), when I used my own birth year as an example.... Big mistake.

Hey! Get off my lawn! And pull your pants up while you're at it. Don't make me get my belt!


Per APA, it should be "Friend A," not "friend A," because "friend" is a title.

Danielle said...

Oh, goodness! I have experiences like that frequently nowadays -- particularly with my teacher helpers. They're both 18. Talk about a generation gap.

Anyway, I love that line: "You've been intelligent so much longer than I have." Classic.