Thursday, July 30, 2009

So there ARE some fun things...

For example, today we had to write sentences using the new vocab for ch 12, and I wrote the following. The bold words are the new vocab.
My day off was great! I missed class, and I didn't learn about the death of my teacher. I was appointed to speak at her funeral.
My teacher even laughed when she read it, and that was kind of a triumph for me. :)

Also, one of the students in my class is still in high school (!!), and she's considering going to college in Scotland, and we had this big (tangential) discussion today about how people in many (most?) other countries don't take great care of their teeth, and she was kind of disgusted. Then later we were answering conversation-type questions, and another student said, in answer to one of the questions, that he ended a relationship once because the girl had Scottish teeth. :) hee hee :)

So it's not ALL totally heinous and painful. :)


lindsey said...

Which school in Scotland??? :) You know that's where I live now?

I'm glad that today was a good day, and I love your sentences!

Jeremy said...

That's paragraph is post-modern... maybe dada?