Friday, May 19, 2006

I think I am in shock.

Please note the date of this post.

Please note the date of my previous post.

Please note that I have just sent chapter five to my chair.

Please note that while I recognize that there is still a whole section of chapter five, all the time and money discussion, that still needs data to back it up, I need some serious guidance from my chair to know what to include there because of some special circumstances, so I felt like I could send it on to him without that section complete.

Please note that I am now writing the fifth of five one-sentence paragraphs and that I am only doing that because while one-sentence paragraphs are fine in blogs, they are not fine in theses.

Nor are sentence fragments.

Please note that this is not my thesis.

I think I'll go have a party.


Jenn said...

Go Margaret! I think you ROCK! Yeah, and uh--that smart one over there, yeah she's my roommate!

The Daring One said...

You go! You are so gonna finish this thing.

Grammy said...

You're almost there! That should be SOME PARTY!