Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm an aunt! Well...again. Or still. But anyway - YAY!!!


Heidi was born yesterday at 12:05pm. She weighs 8 lbs something, and is 20 1/2 inches long, and has hair!! and when I talked to her 5-yr-old big brother he said, "She had a poopy AND a wet diaper and Daddy had to change it!" and when I talked to her 7-yr-old big sister she said, "We're in the middle of a movie."

And my sister who is in China emailed the following:

I hear she's just a little smaller than I was when I was born... so, dainty, but powerful; substantial, but not cumbersome; assertive, but not overpowering...
Welcome to the family, little one!


Lauren said...

Oh, yay! I'm so glad. Now get thesising so you can get baby cuddling! :) ;)

Grammy said...

congratulations! I hope you get to be with her soon. Nothing's more fun than baby snuggling.