Saturday, May 13, 2006

In which I get stood up

So I think I am getting stood up by my blind date. Right now. As we speak. Er, as I type. And it's an interesting feeling. Yes, I've been looking forward to this since the guy called me a week and a half ago. (I mean, I teased him about his school and he teased me right back about mine, what's not to look forward to?! :) ) Yes, I planned - and refrained from planning - other things in my day around this. Yes, I dressed cute. Yes, I curled my hair. (I know, we're talking MAJOR sacrifices here, people. ;) )

But ya know - whatever. I was ten minutes late getting home - maybe he gave up on me and thought I stood him up. Maybe he got lost - my house is like the Isla de muerta - impossible to find unless you have been here before. Maybe he decided that anyone who would talk trash on the phone about the rivalry between our universities was not worth taking out. Maybe he decided he couldn't take out someone from my school. :) Whatever. It's ok. So even tho I was nervous and feeling stupid, I decided to act like a normal person would act if a friend didn't show up. I called him 30 minutes after he was supposed to be here, he didn't answer, I left a message.

"Hey, this is Margaret, we had talked about doing something tonight, but I got home ten minutes late and was relieved that I hadn't missed you, but am now afraid that I me if you have a minute."

And yes, I feel a little stupid. But I look good, and I'll go find some fun, and if he calls and has a legit excuse, then we'll see what goes down.

End of Margaret's therapy session. :)

And blog out.


Lauren said...

Oooooh, that's always a not so special feeling. No worries, lady. I was going to say if I were a guy I would date you. But that's awkward on like 8 billion levels. Whoops. At any rate, we should totally gchat about boys one time soon, as I have recent stories that were SO AWKWARD I DIDN'T BLOG THEM.

Grammy said...

I think this is just weird. Obviously he liked you enough on the phone to "talk trash" right along with you. Maybe he got hit by a train? Maybe he got the dates mixed up? Maybe he is also busy writing a thesis and his brain can't register anything other than quantum magnetic theory? If he knew how terrific you were, he would have been there early and stayed until you arrived in all your cute clothes, curled hair glory.

Nuts! I'm sorry.