Thursday, January 11, 2007


I PASSED!! :) :) :)

And not only did I pass, but I got the highest possible marks from all three committee members - the secretary of the department reportedly said that she's only seen that happen ONCE before. !!!!!!!

And not only did I pass with the highest possible marks from all three committee members, but I just found out that there is a university in another state that just got a grant from the government to do the same sort of thing that I did for my Master's project, and...THEY REQUESTED A COPY OF MY WORK! And that is one of the school's whose PhD programs I was looking into for 2 or 3 years down the line, but if I have the chance to work on this federal grant, I might do that sooner rather than later! AAAHHH!!

And my mom, from whom I inherited an obsession for nice writing utensils, was so excited about my scores (grades? marks?) that she immediately went and got me a beautiful new pen. :) And I'm carrying it around in my pocket today, chortling to myself every time I think about how well everything went yesterday.

I'm sure I'll write more about the defense soon, because it was a very interesting experience for me, but I just wanted to get the news out. :)


Heather said...

Oh my goodness! It's over. You've done it. I'm so proud of you. When can we get together to celebrate and discuss?

Danielle said...

How utterly terrific -
See, you can do it and, clearly, you did do it (and with flying colors, I might add).

A thousand "Congratulations" to you, Margaret! WOW! Not only are you done with your thesis, once-and-for-all, your work going to help other universities, as well. This is so fantastic!

Indeed, you ought to be immensely proud of yourself and feel a deep sense of satisfaction and accomplish. YOU DID IT and you did it WELL!

Please let us have the celebratory festivities commence promptly, and please keep us all posted about all the exciting adventures that eagerly wait to embrace you post-thesis.


Janell said...

Chrotle away for today you are Queen.

Congratulations! Yay! Hurrah! Yay! Hurrah!


Margaret said...

Thanks Jeremy, for the shout-out!

The Daring One said...

YAY! I can't believe you're done. You rule and you inspire me. I want to be you when I grow up. Thanks for sharing the ride.

Janell said...

Without revision? Gee, with the way professors are reputed, I figured even the very highest of very high marks still required revision.

Triple Yipee!

nosurfgirl said...


Guess that hardbound copy of your thesis won't be collecting dust after all. YAY.

Danielle said...

CONGRATS, yet again!!!! This truly EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hip, hop hooray!

Ps: check out