Thursday, May 07, 2009

Favorite talks or scriptures about baptism??

So I mentioned that my friend A is getting baptized on Saturday - YAY! :) Well, she asked me to give a talk on baptism. I've been reading and studying and finding references, but now I'm asking you - what is your favorite scripture or General Conference talk about baptism? or that would be appropriate to share in a talk on baptism? I've been thinking about baptism itself, but also about covenants in general, and about newness of life, the change that occurs in our hearts as we grow closer to the Lord, being the people of the Lord...


And the soundtrack of my day today is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on YouTube, and found this. Oh man, I really LOVE this piece:


Rachel said...

My favorite talks tend to be of the Nephi variety:plain and simple.
The fourth article of Faith is my favorite scripture specifically on baptism. Alma 32 with the comparison of faith to a seed is my favorite chapter on conversion. After all, even the "lightening" type of conversion needs time to grow.

helgaruth said...

Thanks for the Hymn - this is one of my very favorites! Where you in Flagstaff when we sang this at that multi-zone conference? I can't remember if you where there yet, if you were already home or singing with us. Good times.