Monday, May 04, 2009

Happy happy joy joy!!

I was chatting online with my sis just now, and then my niece woke up from her nap, and my sis typed, "incoming" and I got this in my inbox:

Subject: There's a message for you on the card

You can click on the picture to see the message on the card, and if her little pudgy hand holding the card and her tousled bed-head and her pink cheeks and her cheery little "I just woke up" smile don't just melt your heart...then maybe you aren't ME!

So I quickly took a (really bad) picture of myself with my cell phone, signing "I love you," and sent it to them, and my niece babbled excitedly at my picture. :) I love it. :)


Nathan and Sarah said...

So cute! I love stuff like that! and your niece is adorable!

helgaruth said...

This is the cutest picture - your niece really does melt my heart. And wow, your sister looks so much like you. Gotta love family resemblence!

The Thomas Five said...

awe how sweet! She's so big already!