Monday, May 11, 2009

A tough choice

So I was in a meeting with my boss and my advisor the other day, and I'm not sure how it came up, but I told them that usually after finals I either get a) sick or b) a haircut.

Which do YOU think I should do this time? Meaning, on Saturday, or Friday night at 10pm, after I hand in my two research papers?

I really am thinking of getting a haircut, maybe a drastic one, and I keep thinking about this one, even tho my hair isn't quite as long now as it was in the "before" pictures there, and even tho that one doesn't really look as drastic as it felt at the time. :) But the hair is getting to be a bit much, and I'm ready for LOTS of it to be gone. So I'm trying to decide how short to go, and I'm really wishing I could have my fabulous stylist in the west cut it, but I won't be there until August, and I can't wait that long. I would love to go to her and just say, "ok, cut it off. do whatever you think will look good." And she would, and it would be great, but when I have to a) decide what I want on my own and b) trust someone besides her to do it - that's scary. :)

So I went through lots of pictures of me during the past few years, to remember the different lengths I've had my hair and to remember what it's like at those lengths so that I can think more clearly about what I want to do. And I came to a fascinating conclusion.

Ready? Here it is:
When I actually DO my hair, I like how it looks. Whatever length it is, basically whatever style it is (not that it's been THAT varied over the past few years).

When I DON'T do my hair, I don't like how it looks. Whatever length it is, basically whatever style it is.
Rocket science, eh? So it sounds like the solution is not a new haircut, but actually DOING something with the haircut I have? Lame.

Maybe I'll just get sick instead.


Nathan and Sarah said...

I remember that haircut VERY well! It is one of my favorite memories with you! I say get the haircut. Being sick is never fun look so awesome with your hair like that! Love you! Call me sometime. Lets catch up!

Jennifer said...

I remember that haircut too! And I loved it--and sometimes all it takes is a bit of a change (few layers here, few there) to make it seem totally different. Maybe you should just go get it done--not cut or anything--just a wash and maybe trim and style.

But definitely skip getting sick, ok? ;)

Mrs. M said...

Being sick is no fun, so I advise against it. When I went to see the dramatic linked hair, I was expecting something short (spoken by a woman who thinks of shoulder length hair as extremely long), you know, like chin length or shorter. It all looks good. Maybe you can just get a massage or a pedicure and save the haircut for when you see your trusted stylist again?

Laura said...

Semi-novel thought, perhaps you could get a haircut and/or product that would make you more likely to do your hair. You know my many hair woes, but with my way-too-much, crazy hair buying product that smooths it makes doing my hair EASIER and therefore more likely to happen. ALSO, you may not know, but the LAST time I got my hair cut they thinned it AGAIN and now I actually have a more manageable hair thickness, and so I do it almost everyday. Rock on me. Anyway, I don't know what it is with doing your hair that you find difficile, but perhaps analyzing that would give you some possibilities.
Love ya

merrilykaroly said...

Well, the swine flu IS going around, so if you want to get sick, I bet you could.

But I recommend you cut your hair instead. You should be drastic and cut it shoulder-length! Perfect for summer and it would be very cute. And it would take lots less time to actually do it. (I agree with Laura above-- I recently got my hair cut and thinned and it's way easier to do)

thecutestcouple (Crystal) said...

Don't get sick because then you can't come visit cute little Eric (in all the spare time you'll have...)! If you can't make up your mind - just get a trim!