Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Apparently I have nothing to say today

So singing in the bathroom has been a recurring theme in my life lately.
  • I sang in my little teeny-tiny bathroom the other day.
  • I heard a girl singing in one of the hugely cavernous bathrooms in our campus library.
  • I sang in the shower this morning while I blasted "Wicked" from the stereo in the dining room.
And yes, three occurrences totally qualifies it as a recurring theme. Just like when I cook something that requires more than three ingredients it qualifies as "complicated" and I get a medal. Apparently three is the magic number in my life. And 9. And 27. Like when I'm exaggerating I'll usually say "9 million" or "27 million." As in, "There were 27 million people in line for Divine Comedy tickets yesterday morning." Or "Why is it that when I know 9 million people in this town who play volleyball I could only get FIVE together to play last night?"

But I digress.

Why do we sing in the bathroom?

Here are the reasons I came up with:
  1. We think we are alone.
  2. The acoustics make it sound cool.
I hereby officially propose that we all burst into song in public as well as in private.

Ya know, like in musicals. Or Bollywood movies. (Yes, I wrote this in Hindi class.) If you feel a song coming on, just signal to the maestro or DJ or dude-walking-by-with-the-stereo-built-into -his-backpack (no, really, I've seen him more than once on campus. But not lately.) and BRING IT ON! Musicals and Bollywood movies would be...weird...if the characters waited until they were alone in the bathroom to sing. Especially if they waited until they were alone in my bathroom. It's so small that you can't be anything but alone in it, but then, see, the film crew wouldn't fit, and a musical number behind a closed or partially open (it only ever opens partially--the toilet is in the way) door would be...awkward. Physically and emotionally. And weird. And wouldn't sell movies. Plus, the tap dancing along to your song would be hard in my bathroom. Limited space and all.

I hereby officially state that not all bathrooms are conducive to singing in the bathroom.

Whew. Now it's official. I feel so much better.


Jenna said...

The amazing thing about New York is when your ipod is turned up and you're walking down the street, you can sing out loud as much as you want because you'll never see any of those people again.

Josh said...

There was this one time, I was on campus, and I like totally was like just walking on campus, and then there was like totally this one guy, I didn't even know, he had like an ipod or something, and he was like rockin out all by himself, outloud, on campus, in public, singing at the top of his lungs, and that means it was loud, cause it was. I saw that once.

Grammy said...

You are so funny. I love your blog. It reminds me of campus life (which means I have a very good memory) and that there is comedy all around us if we just keep our eyes open for it.

Papa said...

OK, so what I want to know is, "What" do you sing in the bathroom? Jazz, Blues, Country, any specific artists or songs? This would give us a much better insight into your personality.

I don't usually sing in the shower. Grammy wouldn't like it. But I have been known to sing along with the radio in the car, until I realize that the person in the car next to me is busting a gut laughing at me... oh well, too bad he couldn't hear me.

Margaret said...

Well, Papa. Recently I have been listening to the soundtrack to the Broadway show "Wicked." So the in-the-shower songs have been from that - "Dancing Through Life," "Defying Gravity," and "What is this feeling?" are a few favs.

I also enjoy Billy Joel (TONS!), one Toby Keith song ("Wanna talk about me" - my mom and I have a joke about this song and both think it is hilarious!), and a mix of songs that one of my friends made for a big party we threw recently. And the Mormon Tabernacle Choir -the Love at Home album.

Does that help? :) Maybe I'll do a post about "music in my music basket" and ask everyone to share their eclectic lists. I'm sure we all have very...varied, uh, varieties of music.