Thursday, March 23, 2006

early morning

So I have this great goal to go to bed before 11 and get up before 7. And last night I went to bed at 11:30, which I feel like is really practically almost success. And it is certainly progress.

So when my alarm went off at 6, I didn't get up, but I also didn't really sleep anymore after that. I dozed for 9 minutes at a time, between hitting the snooze button, and got up at 7. But it was actually kind of a nice hour. I have a window in my room that faces south, and when I am lying in bed I am facing that window, so I got to watch the sky turn colors as the sun rose - from the darkish that it was at 6 to the sunlight leaking over the mountains (ahh! now you know I live in a state with mountains! ;) ) to the almost white light of the actual dayish part of the morning. It was cool. And I discovered that if I pull the blind on that window almost all the way up, as I did last night before going to bed, I can actually see the moon from my bed in those early morning hours. THAT is really cool.

(And that reminds me of when my family went on vacation to France in 1996(?), and we bragged to our friends when we got back that we could see the Eiffel Tower from our Paris hotel. And it was true! If you went up into the loft, where my parents' bed was, and stood on a table, and leeaanneed out the skylight, you could TOTALLY see the Eiffel Tower. Well, ok, the very tip of the Eiffel Tower. But still!)

But seeing the moon was cool, and I think I want to go to bed that early, or earlier, and continue to wake up that early because the early morning light was refreshing, and seeing the moon was peaceful, and not feeling like I wanted to DIE of fatigue when I woke up was a bonus. :)

But that almost-awake state is weird sometimes. This time I "dreamt" that two of my guy friends (one at a time) were in my room, sitting on my bed, talking to me. Uh, yeah, that's never happened in real life, so that was weird. And then this poem that my mom and I made up about my junior high band teacher kept running through my head. (I didn't practice my trumpet, so I felt like he was "mean.") Where did THAT come from?!

But my feet were cozy because of my (beloved) (dearly beloved) electric blanket, the sun was rising, the moon was shining in my window, and I LIKED it.


Heather from One Woman's World said...

So proud of you. The early to bed, early to rise thing is an amazing blessing, but SO hard for those like me to achieve.

Josh said...

Um, from what it sounds, going to bed early(ish) and getting up early(ish) will provide you with moments of delusion or increase the sound that goes through your head. You will also fantasize about far off places. From what you described my sleeping hardly at all produces the same results. My feet are even cozy, or at least I think so cause they didn't tell me they aren't cozy. If so, I’m sure they would sing it to me.

Lauren (formerly Jenna) said...

Sometimes I wonder if sleep deprivation has made me insane. Then I decide it hasn't. Then I wonder, do I just think I'm not insane as an actual sign of my insanity?
Also, I just realized the diabolical potentail of the fact that we both have googlechat. Promise never to give me your user name.