Friday, March 10, 2006

Ode to my one grey hair

Why are you there?

And more specifically, why are you there? Right in front, and right on my part? And why do you insist on being short enough not to be pulled back into my ponytail?

And CURLY?? Where did that come from? Why are you curly? None of the rest of my hairs feel the need to do that, even when I put the heat on. Literally. Why are you so curly that you won't even LAY FLAT AND HIDDEN? Oh, no, not you, you nasty grey hair you. You have to stick out and tweak away from my head and be REALLY OBVIOUS. And you're too short to pull out with my fingers - I can't get a good grip on you. And then when I'm around tweezers you hide.

Why all these efforts at self-preservation?



cajohnson said...

What little western town are you in?

Heather from One Woman's World said...

Being that I have about 50, and we are the same age: Feel proud that you only have one!

cancercrusader said...

This is probably one of the greatest benefits of being a BLONDE! My hair will eventually become (as Johnny Depp once said) "as white as the pure driven snow!" HA! In all seriousness, however, I doubt you have and grey hairs (it's probably just the way the light was reflecting off of you!) Love ya!

Grammy said...

Embrace your grey hair! You have worked hard for it. You have earned it. You have a right to wear it with pride - just as long as all of it's little friends don't move in to keep it company.