Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Eww, gross! Wanna see??

Check out what we found in our bathroom the other day! No, seriously, check it out.

Warning: It's a bug. And if you click on the picture, it gets bigger. And grosser.


Janell said...

Gross, that one's going to give me nightmares. No thanks for sharing!

Josh said...

Um, it's a cutie little bug. With cutie little legs and a cutie little body. Ah, soo cute.

(Disclaimer: the term cute/cutie is not one I use frequently, and rarely in a serious manner. I must protect my manhood. But what a cut bug...)

Lauren said...

Uh, if YOU go to Idaho, all of YOUR wildest dreams will come true. Booyah.
You're totes coming. It's mandatory. Also, you should write something in your blog. Here is a suggestion to get you going:
"Dear Blog, I'm so excited about being 100% committed to going to Idaho!"
Also, I just edited my blog post in your honor.

EmilyRoseJewel said...

Yuck that isn't good. I hate bugs! I always get hubby to "take care of them" if you know what I mean. That is funny.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Too funny! Not that you found it...but your post! :)

Never you mind about that creepy crawly little creature! Just give him fair warning....and let him know he is not welcome indoors any longer. You're bigger than him afterall--even after a couple of clicks!


Heather from One Woman's World said...

That is the scariest lookin' bug I ever did see!!!

Janell said...

Upon further contemplation, I must wonder why you whipped out a camera when the later applied plunger would have readily sufficed. . . you're a blogger! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.