Tuesday, March 28, 2006

and while we're on the subject of celebrating the small victories...

I bawled my eyes out to my dear friend and former roommate Jamie last night, and she shared with me a little tip that has helped her in her efforts to stick to a schedule and get the things on "the list" done.

She makes the lists - the "to do" list, but breaks it up into "MUST do today" and "would be nice if it got done today," etc. And makes a schedule so she can stick to the list. I feel like I've worked on that.

BUT! The kicker is this - at the end of the day, she goes over the list and records her SUCCESSES from that day - the things she DID accomplish. And even if they weren't on any of the lists, she still wrote them down. The day can't be a total failure if you have a whole list of things you succeeded at!

And I am SO going to do this! I was thinking this weekend about how I need to stop focusing on what I am NOT getting done and pay more attention to what I AM getting done, just so I don't make myself mental. Accentuate the positive, baby! :)

So here's my "check me out with my productive self" list from yesterday:
Ok, so I DID accomplish some things yesterday. Today will be better!

Blog out.


Lauren said...

One of the things that I do is that I make my to-do list on post its on a manila folder. All the post its are on the to do side in the morning, and as they get done, I move them to the other side, so I can see the other side getting full. I also color code in terms of "must do" and "will maybe do" (ie, "must do" = go to work, "will maybe do" = clean kitchen). And as much as I can, I try to break things down. "Clean kitchen" becomes "take out recycling" and "breakfast dishes." Baby steps, lady. You can do it!

Heather from One Woman's World said...

What a brilliant and empowering idea!