Thursday, March 02, 2006

things that make me smile inside

(Inspired by Jenna's post of today)
  1. big snowflakes
  2. little kids being excited
  3. watching spring hail from just inside an open door
  4. eating pizza in my kitchen while Josh and John dance to "Oklahoma" with their mouths full
  5. my 7-year-old niece wanting to live near my parents, and saying, "I love it! I love it! Let's buy it!" about any house in the same state
  6. Alysha telling me she likes to hear me babble
  7. Kaleb asking, "Where's Margaret?" when he got home because he expected and wanted me to be there
  8. Jamie calling to check up on my thesis progress and specifying in her voicemail that she was calling when it was NOT "thesis time" as noted on the schedule I sent out to friends and family
  9. pretty much anything Tabitha says
  10. having my parents live close enough that I can go have dinner at their house
  11. Brant's suggestion that we go back to Buc for the 26 May 2006 opening of X-Men 3 since it'll be our 3 year anniversary of having seen X-Men 2 in Romanian the day it came out over there
  12. Being cited on someone else's blog
  13. Scotty sending me a "Happy Texas Independence Day!" e-card
  14. climbing into a nice warm bed in an ice cold house
  15. Ok, this also makes me smile, but in a different way: blasting Alanis in the car on the way to school with all my windows down
  16. Edited to add: Hearing that my niece's school was cancelled today because of snow. In northern CA. A half of an inch fell. And stayed on rooftops but not roads. And they cancelled school. And tonight's church meetings. Gotta love it.


Jenna said...

Things that make ME smile inside:
the fact that you made a "thesis time" schedule. And sent it to people. That's amazing. I'm totally doing it right now.

NoSurfGirl said...


We have to use up our snow days somehow! It would be so unfair if we never got to skip school in the middle of the winter just because of the snow-amount technicality. Plus nobody knows how to work the snowplows so... technically speaking, an inch is enough to stop traffic.

-Sarah D. (mrs. oh-to-be-one)