Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Two things

#1 - I missed my blog-iversary four days ago! I've officially been a blogger for a year. Weird. And I remember where I was in my old house (two houses ago :) ) when I felt that feeling that I posted about. And I remember what was happening in my life and in the lives of some of my good friends. It was a crazy, crazy time. :) And now here I am - thesis defended, 6 months into my first year of teaching, getting ready to apply for a PhD program (!!). A year ago I had one less niece, my sister was still in China, my other sis and her family hadn't moved into the state yet, I hadn't made my trip to France yet.

And I'm trying to avoid LOTS of really cheesy cliches right now, about time...and how it passes...and how we grow...and change...and even tho I mean it and it is important, to me and in general, I don't really know how to say it right now without it all coming out sounding like blah-dy blah-dy blah, so we'll just go on to thing...

#2 - I REALLY like BOTH of my jobs! How stinkin' COOL is THAT!?! Seriously, I had a GREAT day at the junior high today, and as I was wrapping up my day and getting ready to go home I thought, "YAY! Tomorrow I get to go to that other job!" I like that. :) I like that I feel prepared and well-placed in BOTH of my jobs. I like that I feel like I can contribute in both my jobs. I like that they are different and so I have a break from each one every other day and so I am still excited to go to each one. :) I like that I get 3 paychecks a month. :) :) It just feels down-to-my-bones GOOD to really ENJOY my work.

And that is all.

Blog out, internets.

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Katirocks said...

You crack me up!! I'm glad you like both your jobs too. I'd be scared in the Junior High, mainly cuz I remember myself in Junior High. Not pretty!!
I'm happy for you!!
Love ya