Thursday, February 02, 2006

O frabjous day

So this morning I was sitting in the library upstairs in my house, reading the war chapters in Alma while blow-drying my hair, and I glanced out the window and suddenly I just felt like life is good. I mean, ok, my house is so cold that Peter the (space) Heater is my constant companion, the laundry room in the basement is cobwebbing and scary enough that every time I go down there I have flashbacks to that one scene in "Arachnophobia" where the big granddaddy of all scary spiders rears up *shudder*, the smushed body of a black widow is still behind a pipe in the bathroom, the heater in my car would best be described as "mildly" functional, and my thesis may see the end of me before I see the end of it, but really, life is good.

I get paid tomorrow, I have a car to drive and a house to live in (even if they are both cold), I'm not quite out of applesauce yet, that guy who called the police to report that his marijuana had been stolen is behind bars, I have tickets to a really funny show tomorrow night, and there's Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Dough ice cream in a freezer to which I have access ;) .

So yeah, for those and lots of other reasons, life is good. That's what I felt this morning. So I thought I'd share.


Josh said...

All I have to say is... BOUT TIME!!! No really, it's awesome. I'm excited to see what Margaretisms come out of this thing. And because, although it took forever for you to start this thing, I know you'll be the queen of blog posting, I will be inspired to add to mine on a more regular basis.

Oh, and I totally like your post. I had the same kind of day. Your amazing.

Peace Out.

Heather said...

So GLAD you thought you'd share. I am so excited. I'll wait 'til you post a few times, and then send some kids your way. :) You rock!!!

jb said...

M - I added your feed to my aggregator. Here's instructions on setting up an RSS-reading sidebar in Firefox:

The Daring One said...

I'm glad you're starting up. Heather told me about you. Have we met?