Friday, February 03, 2006

What a nice feeling

So some friends helped me out a LOT with my car recently. A TON. No, really. Totally voluntarily and above and beyond what I would expect of anyone. As I have considered how I could repay them or even thank them enough, another friend said, "Are these guys that you see on a regular basis?"

Me: "Yes."

Him: "So then - things will come up that you can do for them; don't worry about it."

Me (inside my head, hence the italics): "Huh. That's true."

So just now I was thinking about how grateful I am to those friends, and it struck me that I am tied to them with bonds of friendship and gratitude and the desire to serve.

What a nice feeling!

It reminds me of the feeling I had toward my aunt and uncle last September. They let me stay with them for a week or so when my roommate and I were homeless because of the really - slow - and - more - time-consuming - than - any - of - us - expected renovations on our house. They made me feel SO welcome, and expressed numerous times that they loved having me there and that I was welcome to stay as long as I needed or wanted.

And during that time I felt that I wanted to serve them, to help them, to do whatever I could around the house to show my gratitude. It was almost a pathetic feeling. Pathetic in a good way. :) Maybe "humbling" is a better word - I just really really really wanted to help them in any way possible.

And I realized back in September that that is the feeling that I want to - and should! - have toward my Heavenly Father - so much gratitude for what He's done for me and given me that I want desperately to serve Him and to do whatever I can to show my gratitude.

And today, I am reminded of my desire to have that feeling, and in addition to that feeling this new sense of being bound to people by service and gratitude and the all-important choice to be friends and serve and care.

What a nice feeling. Thanks, guys.


Heather said...

It IS a nice feeling. I feel that way about you.

Margaret said...

Thanks, Heather! :)

Anonymous said...

I always KNEW you were awesome, so that part is no surprise. BUT, it is nice to READ your thoughts, as, sometimes, when we are having a conversation, you talk faster than I can listen. :) As far as the graduation process: GO FOR IT.
You are a wonderful friend, a great example of MANY things special and worthwhile, and a person whom it is a privilege to know and who it is easy to love.