Friday, February 03, 2006


So I just checked my online student status, to make sure that my graduate study list and graduation application had cleared, and what a THRILL it was to read...wait, I'm going to go back and get the exact words.

[a small amount of time passes]

Ok, so the exact words of the graduation clearance check weren't exciting at all, but the ABSENCE of words such as, "NO WAY!" and "CANNOT ESCAPE" and "YOU WISH!" was actually pretty exciting, and it did say, "Coursework is Approved" and "Committee is Approved," and after all the hassle of getting those words to appear, I'm pretty excited!

And I've been sitting in our beloved university library this afternoon, hammering on my thesis (erg), and so it was really fulfilling to go look at that site and know that SOMEONE, even it is just the Department of Bureaucracy and Paperwork, thinks this thing will be done in time for me to graduate.


P.S. Ok, to be fair, my chair ALSO believes I can be finished in time, because he's the one who signs the form. So it's not JUST the Dept. of B. and P. that believes in me. :)

P.P.S. But still, YAY!! And now I am off to eat cold pizza.

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Heather said...

[a small amount of time passes] - tee hee. I'm so excited you started up. Have I mentioned that? :)