Monday, February 13, 2006

Tried and true distraction techniques from an expert

(You'll be proud, nay, astounded to know that I found all these without even trying. Not bad, eh? Think what I could do with a little effort!)

1. Catch up on Strong Bad emails.
2. Catch up on Teen Girl Squad.
3. Type every possible spelling of Christensen/Christiansen/Christanson into the online directory in an attempt to find the contact info of a professor instead of walking into the next room and making one phone call.
4. Gather email addresses out of family group emails and add them to contacts list.
5. Check RSS feeds-list-thingy for new stuff. After all, I now have, oh let me check, SEVEN sites on my list.
6. Check blog for comments even tho an email will show up if anyone makes one.
7. With all those family emails addresses, how about sending them all an email, telling them about the new blog?
8. Immediately answer every email - important or not.
9. Find RSS feeds for a few more favorite sites. Oh yeah, baby, 'cause this morning, I only had three, and now, see #5 for my progress.
10. Check out a few new mommyblogs. I'm not a mommy, but someday, oh someday...and I'll need to be ready!
11. "Test" the new gmail chat with any and all of your contacts who sign in. Google will thank me later, I'm sure.
12. Respond to those old emails that you've been meaning to respond to for several weeks. I mean, why wait? Procrastination is, after all, such a nasty habit.


Josh said...

Ya, that procrastination thing. I hate it. I mean, some people would like totally put off doing each one of those things listed as well as thesises they were working on, but not you. You're on top of it. Amazing, simply amazing.

Heather said...

Amazing how good we get at the procrastination!